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Owner/Operator/Instructor - Mary-Ruth Tracy


Tracy's Place started because I wanted to create a space were people could gather, reconnect and reengage with their creative selves. A comfortable place that felt like you were visiting an old friends house, not a stuffy old business.  We came up with the name "Tracy's Place" because my husband (Jeff Tracy) and I share ownership and, as you can see, Tracy is our last name. We recently dropped the "Place" off of our signage. We can make "Tracy's" more visible and easy to find now. Tracy's is the gathering space we have worked hard to create created. With coffee house vibe by day and art classes by night, we have successfully built the business of our dreams. 

For years and years I have been studying art, while trying to create my own. 

My mom (Cheryl Harris) and I have loved to paint and create pretty things for as long as I can remember (I am sure longer for her, but we won't mention it). I have been surrounded by and fascinated with art my whole life. My favorite topics in high school and college were Art History and Humanities. Both of which tell stories of the past, present and future . I have a passion for all things of beauty and am looking forward to sharing that passion with you. 

I worked in retail for 15 years, and learned as much as I could from that establishment. While there, I went to school and earned my Associate of Arts Degree from Front Range Community College. With the love and support of my husband, family and friends I quit my job and began the journey of starting Tracy's Place .  I am relearning a lot of old techniques that I had forgotten while working in retail for so long. It has been so much fun to create art and crafts as my chosen career. 

I hope you come in to see us. Take a class, have a cup of coffee, glass of wine or grab a gift for yourself. I am excited to meet new people, share my story and learn theirs.

Owner/Bar Tender - Jeff Tracy


Jeff works many jobs

 while supporting Mary-Ruth and the growth of Tracy's Place. He comes in on his days off and in the evenings when classes are booked. He helps serve and maintain the high quality customer service that we are known for. With a sense of humor and a little teasing he keeps every guest smiling. He provides our guests with everything they need while here, whether it is more to drink, fresh water, or more materials. 

Jeff has a degree in environmental sustainability from Echo Tech of Colorado. However, he chose to stay close to home and is working for the United States Postal Service. He is enjoying it, and the commute very much. He has two other side businesses that he is simultaneously growing along with Tracy's Place. 

Not the painter of the family, but still very creative in helping to create many of the "couples" paintings available. As well as many of the "Beaded Tree of Life" samples that we have. Jeff really enjoys the string art projects the most though. Being the only guy most of the time, we think it has to do with the hammer and nails... very manly. 

Manager - Karen Kucera

Karen is our manager extraordinaire. She helps keeps things running smooth and in the direction that Mr. and Mrs. Tracy envision. She has been a part of Tracy's Place since before it was a real place. 

Karen states "I have been a crafter my whole life and never afraid to try new things. Experimenting with new mediums and techniques is a passion of mine. I have worked in many different fields, bringing a lot of different skills to Tracy's Place. The diverse landscape of my career paths has given me the ability to meet anyone where they are at. I feel strongly that this combination of love of crafts and people puts me in the perfect setting as manager.  

Mary and Jeff have trusted me to take on the community aspect of Tracy's Place. I coordinate and decide what and who we donate items to. I have also helped Mary create new projects to teach. I look forward to continue helping her grow her business for many years to come."

Instructor/ Vendor Coordinator - Cheryl Harris

I have been drawing, sketching and painting since I was in my teens.  I have taken many courses and just learned techniques on my own.  I went to San Jose, CA in 2003 for the One Stroke Certification course, passed, and became a One Stroke Certified Instructor.  I taught in Michaels and JoAnns until the programs disappeared.  I love to teach at my daughters business (Tracy's Place).

I began beading and jewelry making about 22 years ago.  The Bead Trader, a local bead shop and almost the only one in the Denver metro area, offered classes in the home for you and some friends.  I hosted one of these and was off and running.  I have been beading ever since.

I now own Honey Designs LLC.  I paint on birdhouses with mostly flowers, flowers were always part of the design, and I make jewelry.  I have evolved somewhat in what I paint on, such as wine glasses, vases, etc.  I also paint on caps with a Colorado theme and they are quite popular in the mountain shows that I participate in.  I love painting on fabric and would like to do much more of it, but haven’t found the one thing that works yet.  I create gourd art in a variety of ways. I also continue to take painting classes, as it will always be one of my loves.

I participate in Arts and Crafts shows throughout Colorado. I also have several items available in Tracy's Place for sale. I not only enjoy getting to sell my work, but I enjoy meeting and talking to the people at the shows and in my classes.  I have met some wonderful people out there. I look forward to meeting you.

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