Our Story

Tracy's actually started as Tracy's Place. It started with a dream that Mary-Ruth Tracy had. She wanted to create a space where people could gather, connect, and reconnect with their creative selves. Tracy’s Place was founded on being comfortable, cozy, and inviting. As planning began Mary-Ruth wanted to provide a launching pad for people to explore new art forms and hobbies. Knowing that it is expensive to do it at home.

Wondering how's Tracy’s Place became the name for a wonderful studio? Mary and co- owner Jeff had three teenage girls. One night whilst they giggled among themselves about the craziness of having 3 teenage girls at once, they started proclaiming that they were Tracy’s Bank, Tracy’s cab, Tracy’s Buffet. They both got quite are realized that the name for their new business has to be Tracy's Place. 

Tracy's Place began as just an art studio that offered a few adult beverages; but quickly turned into a coffee shop and an art studio combination. The combination of the two industries is a beautiful one. 

In early 2020 Mary-Ruth decided that they needed more room for their business. It was rough getting a new studio during a world pandemic but they succeeded! The new location is PERFECT! Many use the space for work, school and meetings. Yet, art classes still take place and parties are a very common occurrence.  

During the move it just felt right to re-brand to Tracy's. And thus Tracy's Coffee, Art, and Wine blossomed. They have successfully created a comfortable, cozy and inviting place to gather in Arvada Colorado.



Mary-Ruth Tracy - Owner and Instructor

 Mary-Ruth Tracy's story starts when she was a kid. She would watch and learn as her mom painting on anything and everything she could get her hands on. The passion for art and creating beautiful things came naturally to Mary-Ruth, since her mom and grandparents were also very creative and artistic.  

  Mary-Ruth has become very proficient in teaching art to people of all walks of life. With her years of working in retail and service jobs, she has achieved excellent people skills. The combination of being a creative person and her love of people is how we now have Tracy's in Arvada. 

  In fact, Mary-Ruth would have big parties at her house were her friends and family would come over and just craft or work on different art, for hours. One afternoon, her and her sister were drinking a nice cup of coffee talking about opening a studio for families and friends so they have a place to be artistically inspired.

  With her husband Jeff by her side, Mary-Ruth began the work of preparing to become an owner of a paint and wine studio. The work was long and sometimes hard, albeit was worth every single sleepless night. With a great deal of hard work; August 5, 2016 was the day that her dream finally came true.

 Mrs. Tracy strives to have a business that feels like a cozy and welcoming friends house. The same feeling as when she hosted the crafting parties. She has trained her staff to always be welcoming and kind to our guests as well. 

  The core of her business is to help people reconnect or connect completely with each other and with their creative nature. In February of 2019 we added coffee shop to our repertoire at Tracy's Place. The combination of coffee scents in the air and the fun projects, grew Mary-Ruth's business to be come an award winning place to gather in Arvada. 

   In July of 2020, right in the middle of a world wide pandemic, Mary-Ruth and Jeff Tracy moved their coffee, wine and art business into a bigger better location (just around the corner from their first business home). With faith and grit, they have become a prominent couple in the community. Mary-Ruth is very involved with several networking groups as well as Chambers of Commerce. She can often be seen at several community events, whether offering her services, or just heartfelt support. 

 That my friends is how Mary-Ruth Tracy became the owner of Tracy's Coffee * Art * Wine.


Jeff Tracy - Owner and Bartender

Jeff works many jobs while supporting Mary-Ruth and the growth of Tracy's. He comes in on his days off and in the evenings when classes are booked. He helps serve and maintain the high quality customer service that we are known for. With a sense of humor and a little teasing he keeps every guest smiling. He provides our guests with everything they need while here, whether it is more to drink, fresh water, or more materials. 

Jeff has a degree in environmental sustainability from Echo Tech of Colorado. However, he chose to stay close to home and is working for the United States Postal Service. He is enjoying it, and the commute very much. He has two other side businesses that he is simultaneously growing along with Tracy's. Jeff is an entrepreneur with a heart of gold.

Not the painter of the family, but still very creative in helping to paint many of the "couples" paintings available. As well as many of the "Beaded Tree of Life" samples that we have. Jeff really enjoys the string art projects the most though. Being the only guy most of the time, we think it has to do with the hammer and nails... very manly. 


Caitlin - Manager & Social Media 


Caitlin is the daughter of Mary-Ruth and Jeff. She helped develop and grow Tracy's; from a thought to a thriving business. She was officially brought on as a part-time barista in 2020 (during a global pandemic) and quickly took on the social media marketing.  Caitlin loves photography and is developing her own brand and business as she continues to help Tracy's grow. Caitlin moved into a full time employee and took on the management role in 2021. 

Born and raised in the area, Caitlin is full of local knowledge and loves the area. She is easy going and strives to learn our guests names and to know them personally. 

Caitlin is simultaneously launching her own business "Holy Cow Media". Caitlin can work on helping small businesses grow their online presence with Instagram, Facebook and of course Google. 

Danise - Events Coordinator 

Danise was first a regular guest of Tracy's, whom quickly became a perfect fit to our team. Danise loves the feel and community of Tracy's and shares that love with our guests. Danise is a very talented artist who does many odd jobs for us. She has restored a family heirloom and paints windows for us and La Patisserie (our savory croissant supplier). 

In the summer of 2021 Danise was promoted with the title of our Events Coordinator. She takes on planning on organizing special events and fundraisers. She knows the strengths and weaknesses of our staff, so she helps plan the teams roles during these events. If you need to plan any special event or fundraiser. Whether it is in our studio or on your site, Danise is the one to start that planning. 

Come in and find out what flavors Danise has created lately. We often use her creations as our seasonal flavor.