Local DIY subscription boxes are now available. 

Tracy's is offering a great new way to stay actively creative all year long, from the comfort of your own home. 

Enjoy a new wooden cutout project every month to create a full calendar of interchangeable designs. 

Tracy's will build your box for you each month. Come in and pick up your box or we can deliver (within 20 miles of studio). Pick up and deliveries will be available the last week of each month. Just in time for the season coming up. 

First months box will include:

    1 - 18" x 24" wooden plank (Welcome, Home and Blank available)

    2 - 6" wooden cutouts to paint for the season to add as the O on your plank sign. 

    1 - 6 pack of two ounce bottles of water bases acrylic paint in Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black and Green colors. 

    1 - 10 pack of paint brushes in varied sizes to help you finish your project each month. 

Each Box after the first:

   2 - 6" wooden cutouts to paint for the season to add as the O on your plank sign. 

   1 - 12" to 18" design by line wooden cutout to paint and use as a decoration on your door, in your office, or anywhere you choose. 


  Every plan will include exclusive access to a private Facebook group to share tips, tricks and design ideas for our DIYer's. 

  Every plan will offer you a free baked goody when you come in to pick up your box (last week of each month only). 

   Yearly plan will also receive a free cup of coffee at time of pick up.

   Six month plan will also have a free young kids project added to your box for the little one in your life. 

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