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We bring all you need to create a new piece of art with your friends, family and co-workers.

Wooden Samples.jpg

Wooden Cutouts   $Varies

We can help make your party/celebration extra special. We have access to 1000's of different designs. We can walk you through picking the designs that work best for you and your guests. 

The prices will vary, depending on size and complexity of design. 

Tracy's will bring all you need to create an adorable piece of art for your home or office. 

Price range is $10 - $65 per person.

Working on Mushroom City_edited.jpg

Painting   $38

Choose the image you would like to paint on our gallery page. 

All necessary supplies (16x20 canvas, paint, easel, brushes and apron to protect your clothing) and step by step instructions.

You simply provide the space and invite the guests. 

Couples Paintings  $60


Paint two canvases as one piece of art. This does not have to be "couples", it is also really good for families who do not want multiple paintings that look the same. Also, singles are welcome to choose these images. Our instructors teach on one canvas as well. Choose the image you would like to paint.

All necessary supplies (2 16 x 20" canvases, paint, easels, brushes and aprons to protect your clothing.

You simply provide the space and invite the guests.


Beaded Tree of Life  $45

Choose the date you would like to create a beaded Tree of Life on the calendar, Click on the Beaded Tree of Life image to be taken to our booking system to complete your registration.

All necessary supplies (4" ring, beads, string, tools, wire) are included.​ We will give you step by step instructions to create your own beautiful decoration. 

Tracy's take the 
pain out of

~ $45 ea
~ 4 people minimum
~Choose which painting you want
~We provide all you need


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