Becoming a reality

So late yesterday evening we finally got word that we were approved for a storefront!!!!! Oh my goose we are so excited! There is a million things to do now. We have made a plan to be open June 21st!! There are graduations, parties, painting, ordering supplies, remodeling our house, end of school year activities, building displays and so much more to do between now and then. It is all exciting and nerve wracking. So far we have not even begun this journey and it has already been crazy, I imagine the future holds lots of late nights and unexpected fails and happy mistakes. We will hopefully be signing all of the paperwork this week (which is PACKED with lunches and coffee with friends) and I can begin the process of making the websites and advertisement official.

A side note, if you too are planning on starting a business and need a storefront. Here are some tiny words of wisdom that we gained only by trial and error. When you find a place that you really have researched and feel is the right fit for you, do NOT give up on the leasing agent. We have spent the better part of 2 weeks waiting to hear if we were approved or not. Also, keep in mind that the CAM or triple net charges are never negotiable. However, the rent agreements always are. You rent retail space by the square footage. Make a business plan (nothing fancy) that has a realistic budget for you. Stick to that budget for your rent. We had a margin of about $600 that we were comfortable with. We have landed right in the middle of that margin. It is a lot of hard work but go to the locations and talk to the other tenants about the upkeep, the landlords, the traffic, ask as many questions as you can think of. The more you know, the better off you are about the space you are trying to get into. Typically the landlord will not pay for any of your build out. Some will help but most will just let you go up to 45 days (or whatever agreement you come up with together) without paying rent. The CAM and triple net charges still apply, but rent can be help off till opening day. The day you are serving customers is the day rent starts. These are things we did not know until we started our search.

Thank you for following us.

Have a great day,

Giggles and Hugs

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