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So here it is.... The official logo that I have fallen in love with. I never thought just the logo process alone would take so much energy. I have looked at several different designs, felt knit picky over the smallest details. I have tried to imagine looking at this for the first time as a potential customer. What is it telling me? Do I like the aesthetics of it? Will I look further into what is behind the logo, look into the company?

These are questions and concerns that I never truly thought of as an everyday consumer. I especially did not think of these things as a 15 year associate of a major corporation.

Other things I have not thought about through this process was; licenses, insurance, taxes (and the INSANE amount of craziness that comes with them), workmen comp insurance, pricing, marketing, marketing, marketing....

I am beyond excited to be this far into this journey. I feel like I have been on this path, in some way or another, all of my life. I have learned so much with every job, class and relationship I have ever had. All leading to this place and time. I am on the verge of walking into my "someday". It is truly a blessing and the amount of stress is less than half of that I had working for a monster retail company. I am busy, and have decisions to make every minute of every day. However, it is fun and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are not going to open at the time we wanted to, due to liquor license and lease negotiations. However, I can honestly say the pace is exactly where it should be. I am comfortable with exactly everything being as it is right now. Talk to me next week, when we have construction at both home and store... I may not be as calm through all of that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and follow our journey. We are prayerful every step of the way and follow where God leads us.

Hugs and giggles,


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