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We are 10 days from our "Soft Opening" for friends and family. The creative juices are beginning to flow, and life is full of amazing details.

Hi again,

I am so happy that you have decided to follow us on our blog. The store that we are building is turning out better than what was jumbled in my head. We have very little BUILDING to do and a lot of decorating and supplying merchandise.

I was very hesitant about doing the soft opening that my husband kept talking about. I was nervous about allowing critique of my dream. However, as we approach and feel like there are holes in our plan. I am getting more and more anxious to invite the people that I trust and love into our space to give us input on what they experience. Through the years we have gathered a very diverse group of friends, acquaintances and trusted family (blood and otherwise). We have invited a wide range of these people to come in and give us feed back. The hope is that we can iron out all of the kinks so that anyone and everyone that enters our store will feel at home and comfortable.

The space we have created is already influencing a lot of creativity in me and those around me. The picture I attached will be one of our classes. I am so in love with painting monarch butterflies. Their wings give you freedom to simply go where the paint tells you to go. Combining the string art with some of the painting classes is a fresh fun CREATIVE TWIST on two of my favorite art styles.

The hearing for our liquor license is coming in a couple of weeks. We are encouraged because the state has already said we are approved by their standards. When all goes well, we will be opening the first week of August. That is almost 6 weeks past out original plan. However, as most things in life, God's plan is better than ours. The extra time has been very important in getting everything done RIGHT. When one works with other people, you tend to have to wait for a lot of things. Plumbers, electricians, cabinets makers, concrete workers, family, friends and everyone in between ALL have lives of their own. Nobody is an invested in your dream as you are. That is a true fact that makes the time slow down as you build up what is in your heart.

So my simple advice to you if you chose to chase your dream. Be patient, be kind and if you can do it yourself (the correct way) then go for it. Take responsibility for your own STUFF if you do not want to count on others. However, counting on others creates community and offers a wider range of networking. You know what? This is good advice for LIFE not just dream catching.... Be patient, be kind and expand your bubble.

Have to run... more errands, buying and building to do....

Hugs and Giggles.


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