I want to start this by stating that I REALLY appreciate you for reading this Blog of mine. I am using it to keep track of my journey and to hopefully help new business owners. Run full speed ahead towards your dreams and never look back!

Ok now...

If you know me, you know that I am not a shy, timid person. I can be loud, intimidating, obnoxious and have an Irish temper. HOWEVER; I am also very shy in large crowds and know when to be more quiet and reserved. I do not like public speaking. I did not do well in those classes in high school and college. I can stand in front of a large group of artists and teach them step by step how to paint a beautiful creation. I am NOT good at standing in front of potential future artists and sell my business. I am a walking, talking, sweating, trembling mess when I have to give my little speech about how wonderful Tracy's Place is and how we can teach you how to be an artist. All are true statements, yet I freeze inside. WHAT is that all about? Can anyone tell me why I am not shy in any other situation, but I am when the spotlight is on me.

On that note, I have been doing that exact same thing at least twice a week. I had a ribbon cutting that I had to have a small speech. I meet with groups for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee just to get my name out there and known in the community. I am hosting the above networking group. I will tell you that it is a necessary evil as an unknown new business. I have no other option but to go out there and network my big ol' tush off. I have a small window to make this business known and successful, so I get out there and talk about it. I talk to the cashiers at the grocery store, I hand my card out to the people in drive thru windows, I mail out post cards and I drive my family and friends CRAZY with the talk about my store... non-stop. My social media accounts have become commercials for Tracy's Place.

I love love love meeting new people, and I am so grateful for the feedback I am receiving from everyone I meet. I can hold small talk conversations with no problems at all. I love talking to people, getting to know them, sharing stories and making new friends. I just don't like speaking in front of them. There is a strange fear that washes over me when I am selling my business.

This is my baby, that I have grown inside of my mind and birthed into reality. I love my baby and have given it every ounce of love and devotion as my flesh and blood babies. So I brag about my baby, I tell people that I have the best baby in the whole world and that they should come experience my baby. I get offended when people tell me I am not doing something right for my baby. This is my whole life in 1100 square feet on 88th ave. I breath, eat, sleep, dream everything Tracy's Place. So I get out there and I tell people about it with sweaty palms and trembling heart.

People seem interested, and are talking about holiday parties and birthday parties and girls nights. I now need them to book the classes and parties. I need business to at least be able to sustain itself and grow.

I am anxious for the day when I can share stories every day with new people and show a new technique to someone. My dream is that we are busy enough to officially hire my sister to help out. Also, that we become a household name for a great place to go in Arvada Colorado. My dream is that our calendar is full for months in advance and that I get to share my love and joy in people to ALL people. AHHH what a great dream. I shall sleep on that tonight, as tomorrow I have to go and give another little speech about my baby, and hope that future artists are among the audience.

NEVER EVER stop dreaming, and fighting for what you believe in.

Thanks again for reading my rantings. I'll be back in a month...... ISH

Hugs and Giggles


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