Self Doubt is a killer!

I have completely decorating the store for Christmas. It is my favorite hidden talent and favorite season combined. I LOVE arranging flowers and ribbon and decorations to make a place feel elegant and aesthetically pleasing. I simply enjoy creating a space where people can feel at home and comfortable. I seem to have a knack at it. I listen to Christmas music, I watch Christmas movies and I feel festive and light. I am obnoxiously pleased with compliments on my decorations. It truly is my favorite time of year.

HOWEVER, when my business came to a screeching halt. I had my first two classes of November finally booked on the 12th. Half way through November while running a VERY good deal for my customers. I had taken a hit on my profits in order to get people in the door. Yet.... crickets. I blamed it on the election (which we can all admit was a bear to get through, no matter who you wanted in office), the weather (because it is the middle of NOVEMBER and we are still wearing flip flops and short sleeves) and worse... I blamed myself. Not me as a person. I feel like I am pushing hard at networking. I have moved past timid, straight into direct and EVERYWHERE. So when I blame myself I am attacking my talent and my craft. I love painting almost as much as I love decorating. I have done it for a large portion of my life. Yet, people just simply do not seem interested in my paintings.

Logically I do not believe that is true, but in my darkest moments of watching the empty doorway to my store... I battle self doubt the hardest.

Luckily I began working with a woman from the Arvada small business community. She approached me about holding a "Vision Board" class for business groups after the holidays. Kind of a fun new years resolution project. So I began researching and learning what I could about these "vision boards". I have learned a lot about myself, the way I talk to people, about people and about myself.

For a week now I have changed my language from IF I get customers in my store, to WHEN they come.

It is amazing how uplifted I feel about myself, my business, my motherhood, and all of my relationships. I am not as upset about people telling me that they usually go to another place, or they just went to that place, or they have a friend who just went to this place. I just smile and tell them that now they have a new place to check out with their friends and family.

So the moral of this blog post is that changing your words and your vision of your business and self makes a dramatic difference in how you deal with disappointing news. Feel all of the feelings, don't dwell in them, and don't speak the negative out loud. The business will grow, the money will follow, and you will succeed. I will not quit, I will be successful, I AM doing what I need to do and people like it.

Thank you again for reading my rants.

Hugs and Giggles,


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