The Holiday Blues!

Here we are... on the eve of Christmas Eve 2016. Like most people, we spend a lot of time reflecting on the passing of the year. What a change? Oh my goodness, we have completely changed our life style, our friendships, our personalities, our heartbeats and our passions.

My husband and I used to have big extravagant parties. We would invite many people over to the house. Our daughters would invite their friends as well. Everyone had to bring one wrapped ornament and a Christmas dish to share. We would do a white elephant game to exchange the ornaments.We had so much fun and laughed until we cried.

Life has dramatically changed, and those parties have faded away. We don't seem to have the number of friends that we once had. Just like any other situation, when you see people daily, weekly or even monthly it easy to stay in touch and on each others minds. When you share a common thread of work, life, passions, service or life style; it is easy to stay in contact and plan gatherings.

There is a feeling of loss this time of year. Well, at least for Jeff and myself. I do not think that we have LESS friends. We just have less in common with the ones we have gained through the years. I have learned that entrepreneurship in a person is a unique and strange personality trait. We are always trying to find ways to market, partner, network, share, create, and boost our business. After all, this has become our whole life. Not just a job we go to, but we eat, sleep, breath, dream and LIVE our business.

I was once very sad about the loss of friendships and loved ones through this journey. I now have peace and understanding. I mean for crying out loud... I must be SO annoying to those who once knew me. The people I have met since my dream became a reality, can seem to tolerate me a little better. We are ALL trying to build and grow something that came out of our heads and hearts.

We all want to feel connected with people. We have a desire, deep in us to be loved. It is easy to feel despair and sorrow. ESPECIALLY during the holiday season. When the airwaves are filled with songs of love, laughter and joy.

YET...... I CHOOSE to not fall into the lonely dispair anymore. I KNOW that we have a great group of friends and family that are always there to help build us up. I have simply become a walking, talking billboard for Tracy's Place (how annoying)

. So for this Christmas season (our first as business owners) I will simply say

Merry Christmas!! Happiest of all New Years.

Thank you for reading my rants, See you in 2017!!


Hugs and Giggles


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