"Fill in the blank"

One of the NUMBER ONE questions I receive is... "Oh you are like that "(fill in the blank with any painting and drinking place) right?". In January my phone blew up with texts and Facebook messages that I needed to tune into the "Undercover Boss" show right away. As it turns out, it was one of those "fill in the blank" places as mentioned above. Since that show has aired I have had several conversations that are like the one that follows....

Random Person - "Oh you are like that place that was on "Undercover Boss", my (fill in the blank, person of interest) and I have been wanting to go to one of those places."

Me - "I am actually much better than those on that show and most in the area. I am not a franchise so I am able to do whatever I want with the space I own" I continue with "Did you catch the line where the gentleman on that show was frustrated because he has such a high debt, and cannot do anything (with the space he now owns) to supplement his income?"

I then (pleasantly, of course) explain all of the different things that we have available at "Tracy's Place". I repeat the name in order to bring their attention back to my place.

So that scenario plays out a lot more often than one would ever realize. I have learned to turn the conversation and attention back to what I can provide as a small, local business owner. I used to get super frustrated with that conversation. I don't anymore, I have used it as a great chance to let my business shine. I don't have an extraordinary amount of debt, I CAN do whatever I want with the space I am in.

If you have read any of my blogs, read "Self doubt is a killer", because it is the basis of my daily conversation with MYSELF. I still struggle with self doubt. However, I have a new focus and a new excitement for what I do.

I am out there, I am networking, I am blogging, I am looking into a Vlog thing (that is going to take a lot of convincing myself), I hand out my business card, my flyer and my sparkling smile to just about every person I meet.

I have been painting some of the funnest paintings I have ever painted. I have discovered a new found confidence in my own art. I LIKE the way I can look at a photograph and interpret it into a beautiful painting.

My advice to you, in EVERY situation you encounter, tell the negative voice in your head to go _____ (fill in the blank). Shove that small voice of encouragement right there in the front of your brain.

There are always going to be daily hurdles...

Fill in the blank with what you struggle with. I struggle with ____; bills to pay, silent doorways, miles and miles of paperwork to file, emails to answer, phone calls to make, and fears to conquer.

On the flip side of that...

Now fill in the blank with what you are great at. I am great at ____; creating some very fun art, going into a room of strangers and making new friends, planning events, sharing the excitement when you talk about ____ (Tracy's Place), and YES conquering fears.

It is ridiculously easy to look at others and see that they are doing so much better than you are. However, they are not YOU and they do not have the YOUNESS that you do. They have "fill in the blank" moments in their lives, just like YOU and I do! (like how I did that?).

Thank you for letting me tell my story, one small blog at a time. Stay tuned for more fun...

Hugs and Giggles


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