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Hi again,

I wanted to write about the amazing women that I have found in my circle of influence. First I need to mention that the circle of friends that I had in the beginning of the journey are not all the same. For some reason, the friends that I thought would be here every step of the way, have

completely gone away. This took some getting used to. During the darkest times (again, if you have been following you know that November was the darkest) it is painful to realize how many lives are no longer a part of your story. It is a process to reevaluate every aspect of your life. From your finances, your home life, your family dynamics, and your friendships. I had to grieve the losses and carry on.

During that process I began thinking about what I have GAINED. Oh my goodness.... The community of small business is a beautiful community. Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people and stick together. We are all hustling and growing and clawing our way to the top of our abilities. A great quote that I recently read was "An entrepreneur is a person who will work their asses off for 100 hours a week, just so they never have to work 40 for someone else ever again". This was a random quote on Facebook. It cannot be a truer statement (sorry for the vulgar language).

While the small business world is beautiful, the women within it are spectacular! I have never experienced so much love, respect and genuine uncattiness (new word for this blog only; meaning: the pour lack of typical female cattiness). Don't get me wrong, it is still out here. But it seems like there is more building up than tearing down. Women who are in the same industry are friends and having monthly coffee and lunch dates, to compare notes and help each other power think through solutions.

The women I have met and have become part of my circle are no exception. I have been involved with groups from the Chamber of Commerce that are great for the business and for the spirit. I meet women all the time that ask "what can I do to help you" and they MEAN it! I am eager to help them as well. I am constantly sending referrals all over the city to specific people.

I want anyone out there that is trying to find the courage to take a leap of faith to DO IT! The support is out here, not within the spot you feel stuck in right now. It has been over a year while on this journey. There are incredible ups and devastating lows, but not a single regret.

Thank you for reading, I am sorry that it has been so long.

Hugs and Giggles.

Mary-Ruth Tracy

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