Do you just need a space to have a birthday party? Or maybe a meeting? Well we have an outstanding spot for you.

Tracy's is an excellent venue for your Private Party. Our new and improved 2,211 sq ft. space for your needs.

Our private parties give you access to our entire space for a 3 hour window.  We close our doors to the public during your time to insure you get the best experience.  

Rent is $150 

We do require a $75 deposit

Bring the food that you want! We do have a restriction on drinks. By state law we can not let any outside drinks on to our premises. With that said, we do offer all beverages during your time with us. 

The best part is you don’t have to worry about the mess. We clean up after you as a complementary bonus. 


Please call 720-476-4431 if you have any further questions. 

 *ID required for ALL Alcohol purchases.


Want a bridal shower craft but only for your group? What about a Birthday party with just your friends and family?

Tracy’s offers Just that! No need to socialize with outside groups. With today’s day in age we can only offer group sizes of 4-8 people per class. But the class will be perfect if you're wanting a bit more one on one time with your instructor.

Choose your time and your project! We do have a couple exceptions with String Art and Epoxy Resin that is reserved for a night time class only. 

There is a $25 booking fee for setting your Private date, time and project. Plus the class price.

Our private lessons require at least 48 hrs advance online registration.  If you want a class today please look at our open studio projects or look at our Calendar to check availability.

Please call Mary-Ruth Tracy or Karen Kucera at 720-476-4431 if you have any further questions.